Criteria to consider before buying a blender

A blender is a kitchen appliance that is used to blend food substances. The appliance consists of a container with sharp blades; the container is usually made of glass, plastic, stainless steel or porcelain. There is a motor at the base. These machines are perfect for making smoothies, margaritas, grinding pastes, mixing batters, emulsifying mayonnaises and sifting ingredients for muffin and cake recipes.

Applications of blenders

These food processors are most commonly used in domestic and commercial kitchens for various purposes. This processor has various applications in the field of microbiology and food science as well.

  • Helps in dissolving the solids into liquids.
  • Emulsifies the food mixtures and crushes the ice for non alcoholic drinks.
  • Helps in making soft purees of semi solid ingredients like cooked vegetables and meat.
  • Blends the mixtures of powders and other granules.
  • Can even make peanut butter and grind cereals.

What to look for while buying blenders?

  • Check out for a heavy metal base that indicates quality and durability.
  • Blenders need three basic settings to be effective: high, low and pulse. Though ice crushing and soft start options are convenient, they are trivial.
  • Make sure that the material is stainless steel so that the footing is sturdy.
  • Look for a blender that has a tight fitting lid along with a hole to add ingredients.
  • Find the best supplier or store to buy the prospective product.
  • While buying, check out the warranty and guarantee offers, after sale maintenance, discounts in the price, and the like.

Which blender is the best one for your kitchen?

Optimum is one of the best manufacturers with top quality blenders in the world. Optimum has a wide range of models including Optimum 9200, which is very fast and has a both wet and dry multipurpose 6-blade stainless steel assembly. Optimum provides international warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.


A meaningful addition to your kitchen

9200 - item03A blender can tackle a lot of mundane activities that could be boring to do in a kitchen. It can blend, chop, make puree and liquefy contents within seconds. This addition is really useful for the kitchen. You can finish the work within a short time if you have a blender at home. Optimum 9200 blender is perfect to make smoothies, ice creams, salsas and dips.

The optimum 9200 blender comes with a warranty of five years and since it is a commercial grade blender; it will last for many years to come without much maintenance problems. Recently, this model has been upgraded to new speed variables. The push timer buttons of this blender is easy to use. You have to just switch on the blender. Once the timer finishes, it automatically switches off. This is a very convenient feature of the optimum blender.

The optimum blender reviews online will help you have a better understanding of the Optimum blenders. Since it has six stainless blades, it can very easily powder grains and nuts. By reading Optimum blender reviews, you can know that it can crush ice easily. The auto feature of the optimum blender is highly praised in many optimum blender reviews.

Tips to follow while using a blender

  • Make sure you have fully pressed the lid on the container before starting the blender.
  • If the blades are not swishing properly, add a little amount of liquid for smooth running of the blender.
  • The auto feature of the optimum 9200 switches off automatically which is a blessing as you need not wait to switch it off. After two seconds, you can open the lid and pour out the contents.

Optimum blender reviews online can give you a fair idea about the various other features of the quality Optimum blenders.


Things to consider before buying a blender

Some people feel 9900_slider- item01that a kitchen blender is not quintessential whereas most of them rely a lot on blenders and would feel they were lost without one. It is undeniable that a blender can help complete the kitchen chores faster and more efficiently, saving time and effort. Perhaps, once you starting using a blender, you will use it for numerous purposes you have ever imagined. Buying a blender sounds simple; however, with the various types, styles, brands and functions available, it requires you to do some research before choosing an appliance that caters well to your needs and preferences.

Blenders and their types

There are a variety of blenders available in the market; a few have just the basic functions while the others can even cook soup and process hard foods. Jar blenders are quite popular with reasonable features, capacity and prices that differ based on function, power and blade design. There are multi-function blenders that are extremely versatile but expensive. Immersion blenders are the primitive type that can do basic mixing, pureeing and blending. Most of the hand blenders are electric; cordless models also exist that serve as a convenient kitchen tool.

Before buying a blender

Before buying a blender, you have to follow a few guidelines in order to choose the best one for your kitchen.

  • First, assess your needs. Why do you need a blender? For what purposes you will be using it? What is your budget?

  • Next, ask for references from friends and family; shortlist a few models like Optimum 9900, Optimum 8200 and the like.

  • Read online reviews on the prospective brand. In case you are buying Optimum 9900 or Optimum 8200, make it a point to read the Optimum blender reviews in discussion forums and testimonials of the company’s website. Gaining access to Optimum blender reviews on the Internet will help you know the feedback and experience of the customers who have already bought these models and are using those. Their feedback can guide you better in confirming a particular blender.

  • Find the best supplier or store to buy the prospective product.

  • While buying, check out the warranty and guarantee offers, after sale maintenance, discounts in the price, and the like.

Positive Things About Optimum 9200 and Optimum 9900

If you are a smoothie lover, you must be giving several visits to a smoothie shop in a week. Are you sure that the fruits or vegetables they are using for your smoothie are fresh and high quality? No. You won’t believe how bad the fruits or veggies are that they insert in their blender to make a gorgeous-looking smoothie for you. If you love smoothies so much, why don’t you buy a 9200 blender of your own? In this way, you will be able to make the healthiest possible smoothie for yourself, right inside your home. You know what fruits and vegetables you have mixed in the smoothie, and you can ensure that all of them are fresh and clean. Do you really think that professional smoothie makers wash each and every fruit properly before inserting it into the blender? You are so innocent. Let’s see what makes Optimum 9900 and Optimum 9200 the best blenders out there.

Great design: The first thing you will notice is their sleek design, and they are available in an entire range of captivating colors, including red, silver, black, cream, grey, white, etc. These blenders are easy to maintain too, as they come with in-built self-cleaning technique.

Performance: Unlike most other blenders in the market, 9200 blender is good not only for blending juices and grinding grains or nuts, but they can also handle tougher tasks, such as freezing ice creams, kneading dough, heating soups etc.

Durability: Optimum 9900 and Optimum 9200 blenders are made sturdy and durable with their unbreakable co-polyester jugs, carbon brush motor, stainless steel blades, overload protection switch and many other such features. With this quality and features, they can satisfy usage not only in a household, but in a commercial setting too.

If you want any kind of help regarding operations of the blenders or any additional information about new recipes etc., you can just contact their 24/7 support team. Even if you come up with a problem with your appliance, they will offer you efficient repair service as soon as possible.

Considering all these positive things about 9900 and 9200 blender, you can be sure that you are making the right choice while buying one of them.

Shopping for the best blender

ImageMost often, when you are looking to buy a new blender, you never know where to begin. Well, it’s not that surprising; buying a good blender does need some knowledge and research. Before you plan your shopping for a blender, make sure to analyse your requirements and purposes. What type of blender do you require? If you want one for crushing ice, then go for a heavy duty model whereas if you want a blender to make soups and sauces frequently, then you will need an entirely different product.

Important aspects to remember while buying a blender

  • Remember that the number of features or speeds need not necessarily make a blender a better one. These are most probably all purpose blenders; however, they may not be designed to perform heavy duty tasks when required.

  • Besides, you shouldn’t end up buying a food processor instead of a blender. Though there are several common characteristics in terms of the functions of these appliances, not all the small tools are created equal.

  • While shopping, get the help of the sales person; ask him or her to explain all the features of a few selected models. You will definitely get an idea on which blender will best cater to your needs. There are numerous models and designs with a lot of features and speeds. Choose the model with the features that will benefit you and not the trendy one with a lot of features which you are never going to make use of.

  • Buying a durable blender is crucial; Go for blenders with stainless steel or glass containers rather than plastic containers. Avoid glass if you feel you cannot handle it safely.

  • It is better to buy a branded Opti blender like the Optimum 9900 blender because branded ones are normally of good quality and have a good warranty and guarantee period.

  • Once you have decided a blender model, compare the price of it with several suppliers and choose to buy from the supplier who quotes the best price.

An Opti blender such as the Optimum 9900 blender or the Optimum blender reviews is an ideal choice of most home makers these days.

Tips to buy the right blender for your kitchen

Optimum 9400A blender is one indispensable item that every kitchen has; however, you should look for the best blender in the market like the Optimum 8200 or blender that have all the extra features and speeds. There are a few things you should look for while buying a blender.

What to look for while buying a blender?

Power – The higher the wattage, the more powerful is the blender. You should buy a blender with at least 350 watts.

Capacity – The size of the cups are different in different blenders. It is always a better choice to buy a blender with larger size cups so that you need not worry that the blend may overflow the container. These large-sized containers are particularly helpful while pureeing large quantities of sauces or soups.

Speed – It is better to go for a blender with optimum speed options. You don’t need a blender with 15 speeds. All you need is a fast, medium and slow speed option and the choice to pulse which is most often required in some recipes.

Design – You will have to pay a little more for a sleek design and you may require it if you are planning to leave the blender on the counter; however, if you are going to store it in a cabinet and take it out occasionally, skip the idea of getting a trendy one. Instead, you can pay more for features like being able to change blades or remove blades for cleaning, a wider motor base for better stability and presence of an opening for adding ingredients or allowing the steam out while blending hot soups. Besides, you have to ensure that the lid fits tightly to the container.

Materials – Stainless steel and glass are the ideal choices. The best part of glass is that you can see how the work is being done. When you buy a stainless steel one, you need not worry about breakage. However, you should go for glass only if you feel you can handle it safely. Plastic can be preferred, but it is prone to scratches and can shatter as well.

Branded blenders like Optimum blender and Optimum 8200 best suit any type of kitchen.

Know more about blenders and their essential features

Blender 8200Life is simpler when there are combinations prevailing. Things are also made easier with combinations. Such solid combinations are often achieved by modern ultra smart blenders. It is the most simplest and efficient kitchen appliance. Solid- solid combinations are made by using cone screw vertical blender, horizontal blender, tumbler blender and horizontal ribbon blender. The most distinctive sort of blender is the tumbler blender. A minimal influencing blending is achieved with the help of tumbler blending or vertical blending. They are made out of a double cone, which is one of its specifications to be mentioned. The cones can be interchanged at occasions and they are asymmetric.

Variations in the varieties

The variations in the kinds of blenders are of a really broad range. They even do vary in the materials used for the making. The most commonly employed materials are plastic, glass, fibre and metal. The design and the colour of the blender speak a lot. They are also to be kept into consideration when you are in an idea of purchasing one. The vertical type blenders occupy a very less space; this can be used in case of a small space. In contrast, the horizontal ribbon mixer occupies a vast space. This is to be decided based on the availability of space. Branded blenders are most recommended. A few of known ones are Optimum 8200.

Blenders at reach

In this technological era, anything can be easily accessed with the help of the Internet. Searching for Optimum 8200  will help you identify the best blenders that will cater to your specifications and fulfil your needs. Other than that, the designs and the colour available, the size and the usage of the blenders will also be mentioned in a comprehensive way in the web pages. You need to get down to the roads to search for a reliable manufacturer or dealer to buy blenders. Many online stores with vast information are available which help you in buying a blender. This is one of the smartest ways to save time and energy.